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Part 12. Party Constitution

Rule of the people,by the people,for the people.

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Federal Constitution.

Of the Last Political Party

The Rules of Membership.


1.2 The name of the party shall be Last Political Party (in the rules called the party).



The Aims of the Party shall be:

2.1 To endorse candidates to contest federal elections.

2.2  collecting and disseminating knowledge of all or any of the Party’s aims.

2.3 Campaigning to, and lobbying of, all sectors of the community

2.4 Conducting and facilitating research relating to all or any Party’s aims

2.5 To apply for and seek public funding for electoral purposes in accordance with the provisions of the Australian Electoral Act (1918) as amended

2.6 do all such things as may be necessary, expedient or desirable to carry out the aims of the Party as seen herein.





3.1 Members shall be open to all people who:

3.1.1 are eligible to be enrolled on the electoral roll by the Australian Electoral Commission and

3.1.2 support the aims and objectives of the party and

3.1.3 agree to accept the rules and regulations of the party

3.2 Membership will be established by:

3.2.1 completing the membership form authorized by the Federal Council, and

3.2.2 being accepted as a member by a majority vote of the Federal Council, and

3.2.3 a person may not be a member of more than one State Branch of the party and shall not be registered or have direct or indirect dealings to other political party.




4. Resignation.


A person may resign from membership of the Party by giving written notice thereof to the Secretary of the Party.


5.Expulsion of a member.

Subject to giving a member the opportunity to be heard or make a written submission, the federal council, within it’s complete discretion, may resolve to expel a member upon charge of misconduct detrimental to the interest of the Party.


5.1 Disqualification of a Federal Councillor or may become vacant if a Federal Councillor is:

5.2 Disqualifiation by the act;

5.3 expelled under these rules;

5.4 permanently incapacitated;

5.5 absent without notice for more than three consecutive Federal Council meetings.


6.The party agent.


6.1 The party Agent for the purposes of the Australian Electoral Act, shall be the Secretary.

6.2 In the absence of the Secretary the Federal Council may appoint a new Party Agent.

6.3 The Federal Council may appoint and may revoke the appointment of Party Agents for each State Branch.


7.Powers and the duties of the Federal Council.


7.1 The Federal Council may do all things necessary and incidental to achieve the aims of the party

7.2 President

7.2.2 Vice-Persident

7.2.3 Secretary, who shall be the Registered Officer for the purposes of the Australian Electoral Act and the Australian Electoral Commission.

7.2.4 Treasurer

7.2.5 Speaker of the Party.

7.3 The officers of the party shall be elected at an annual meeting of the Federal Council of the Party, by a majority vote from and by all members of the Party.

8.Duties of officers.


8.1 President

8.1.1 The President when available, may attend and chair all meetings of the Federal Council.

8.1.2 The President may carry out any other duties as the Federal Council deems fit.

8.2  Vice-president

8.2.1 The Vice-President may in the absence of the President assume the duties of the President and shall perform any duties as the Federal Council may deem fit.

8.3  The Secretary shall be responsible for all or any of the following as the Federal Council may deem appropriate from time to time, provided that such tasks may be delegated to any member of the Party, provided further that the Secretary shall be accountable to the Federal Council for any tasks so delegated:

8.3.1 calling meetings of the Federal Council when directed to do so in accordance with this Constitution

8.3.2 attending all meetings

8.3.3 keeping custordy of the books and all documents whatsoever (other than library and information resources) belonging to Federal Council

8.3.4 making available book of the Federal Council for inspection by any member of the Federal Council and auditors

8.3.5 conducting correspondence

8.3.6 liasing with the State Branchers

8.3.7 providing information and materials to Federal Councillors in relation to the business of the Federal Conuncil and in particular, matters to be dealt with at Federal Council meetings.

8.3.8 Preparing agendas for, and keeping minutes of all Federal Council meetings.

8.3.9 Performing such other duties as the Federal Council may time to time deem fit.

8.4 The Treasurer

8.4.1 shall be responsible for the following, provided that such tasks may be delegated to any members of the Party, provided further that the Secretary shall be accountable to the Federal Council for tasks so delegated:

8.4.2 paying into the account(s) of the Federal Council all monies and cheques received of expended by or on behalf of the Federal Council.

8.4.3 keeping proper records of all monies received or on behalf of the Federal Council and of all matters pertaining to such receipts, funds, liabilities and transactions of the Federal Council.

8.4.4 Preparing a guly audited statement of each financial year settings out the assets and liabilities of the Federal Council, such accounts and balance sheets shall be submitted to the Annual Meeting of the Federal Council

8.4.5 Submitting a financial statement at each and all meetings of the Federal Council.

9.Structure of the Party Organisation.

The party shall function on the following basis:


9.1 Meetings of the Federal Council

9.1.1 Federal Council shall hold Annual Meetings each year and shall meet on at least one other occasion in each calendar year.

9.2 Federal Council shall be comprised of two representatives elected by majority vote by each state branch (the Federal Councillors) or their proxies.

9.2.1 Meetings may be in person, by telephone, video conferencing, the internet or by interactive electronic means.

9.3  There shall Annual meetings of the Federal Council at which the Federal Council shall;

9.3.1Receive Annual reports from the president and the Secretary and a financial statement from the Treasurer

9.3.2 elect a President, Vice-President, secretary or Treasurer

9.3.3 elect a chairperson and secretary to any subcommittee, action working or resource group and research established by the Federal Council

9.3.4 appoint an auditor

9.3.5 Deal with any other business of the Party

9.3.6 A quorum for an Annual General Meetings shall be at least three members of the Executive Committee plus at least four other general members.

9.4 Powers of the Federal Council

9.4.1 The Federal Council shall be the supreme governing and administrative authority of the party and it’s decisions shall be binding upon every member and section of the party also it’s powers shall include, but not be limited to:

9.4.2 the endorsement and dis-endorsement of candidates for Federal Elections

9.4.3 authorising, establishing and disestablishing of State Branches of the Party

9.4.4 to interpret the rules of the Party

9.4.5 to convene conferences and any other meetings in accordance with the rules and aims of the Party

9.4.6 to elect officers of the Party

9.4.7 to initiate discussion of any questions of national concern in pursuit of the Party’s aims

9.4.8 to determine the time, place, manner and conduct of all meetings also to establish procedural rules for the conduct of the Federal Council and other party meetings

9.4.9 to determine the allocation of preference to other parties or candidates in Federal Elections

9.4.10 The Federal Council shall be competent to hear and decide appeals from any state inconsistent with the Party’s rules, aims of any Federal Council decision

9.5 Leave to Appeal

9.5.1 Where any members desires to appeal to the Federal Council on question which does not involve any national decision or matter, leave to appeal shall first be obtained from the State Branch concerned.



10.State Branchers.


10.1 The State Branch’s shall consist of all members of their Party branch’s that reside within that state or Territory, each Branch with convene an annual general meetings of the business of which shall be;

10.2 To elect two delegates to the Federal Council and two proxy delegates whom may act in the absence of the Federal Council delegates

10.3 To elect the State Officers of the Party who shall include the State convenor, secretary, treasurer and such other Officers as State Branch shall deem necessary

10.4 The presentation and adoption of the reports of the Party’s State Branch’s Officers

10.5 Any other general business

10.6 Dissolution of State Branch

10.6.1 The Federal Council shall possess the right dissolve any State Branch which in the opinion of the Federal Council has acted in the manner prejudicial to the interests of the Party, whom have breached any aim of the Party, or has engaged in or promoted an activity which is contrary to the Party’s policy in either these rules or in resolution or policy statements adopted at a Federal Council Meeting

10.6.2 In case of a motion for the dissolutions of a State Branch, the State Branch may present written and/or verbal argument, to the Federal Council as to why it’s Branch status should not be revoked

10.6.3 A motion for dissolution of State Branch shall only be discussed by the Federal Council after the Secretary has given written copy of the motion to the State Branch by Registered Mail with 28 days notice, including advice as to the time, date and method of conducting the meeting.


11.Procedure for Amending the Constitution


11.1 This the constitution may be amended by a majority vote of all members of the Party at a meeting prior to which notice in writing has been given to the Secretary be name mover and seconder who have proposed the amendments, such notice clearly setting out the proposed amendment(s)

11.2 A copy of such notice shall be dispatched at least 28 days prior to the meeting at which they are to be discussed, in a fully paid stamp envelope addressed to the current address, as held by the Secretary, of each member of the federal Council. Where the Federal Council alters or changers any proposed amendment to the constitution pursuant to this clause, it shall not be necessary that a further one month’s notice of such alterations to the proposed amendment be given to the Secretary and dispatched to the Federal Councillors

11.3 The Federal Council shall have the power to alter in form any paragraph, sub-paragraph, clause, part or sections of the Constitution, or any amendment or purported amendment (or part thereof) to the Constitution provided that each alterations shall not vary in any manner whatever the substance, purport or meaning of that paragraph, or sub-paragraph, clause, part or section, or amendment or purported amendment (or part thereof) in issue and such alterations shall be by way of rectification only

11.4 Any motion to amend this Constitution shall require acceptance by a minimum of two-thirds of the votes cast by all members of the Party

11.5 A member of the Federal Council may vote on a constitutional amendment by post, such a postal vote must be dated by the Councillor and must reach the Secretary 21 days prior to the meeting in which the amendment is to be considered.


12.Sub committees of the Federal Council.


12.1 Quorum form meetings of Federal Council a quorum for the meeting of the Federal Council shall be a simple majority of the Federal Councillors

12.2 The Agenda

12.2.1 The Agenda shall be drawn up by the secretary after consultation with the other officers and representatives of State Branch’s

12.2.2 The agenda for each meeting of the Federal Council shall include:

12.2.3 As the first Agenda item a brief discussion of the meeting Agenda minutes of the previous meeting and business orising therefrom, reports from the Officers and State Branches and such items of general business arising therefrom, report from all Officers and State Branch’s and such items of general business as have been referred to the Secretary by the Federal Councillors and the State Branch’s

12.3 Each meeting shall set the time, venue and date for the next meeting

12.4 Decisions of the Federal Council shall be made by consensus, except as provide by sub-rule

12.5 Exceptions to consensus decision making

12.5.1 where there is a proposal to intervene into the affairs of a State Branch, the decisions may be made by majority vote, with each Branch intitled to two votes

12.5.2 where a decision must be made in to meet requirements of the Party to prepare for an imminent election, and where consensus cannot be reached a resolution may be determined by a two-thirds majority of the Federal Council

12.5.4 A decision as to whether or not a proposal falls within the scope of  the sub-rule may be made by two-thirds majority of the Federal Council.

12.6 Upon winning the Federal election the Party shall disband (110) days from the start of office being for to introduce and structure of the Individual Majority Vote Self Government of Australia.

13.Conformity to the Australian Electoral Act.


13.1 These rules shall be read in conjunction with the Australian Electoral Act 1918 or its successors as amended from time to time.


14.Public Statements.


14.1 Public statements on behalf of and in the name of the Party shall be authorised by the Federal Council.




15.1 The party shall keep accounting records to correctly record and explain the financial transaction and financial position of the Party also the records shall detail in standard double-entry form every sum of money received, and every sum paid by the Party, with details to explain fully the transactions

15.2 The responsibility for this shall rest with the Treasurer

15.3 The Treasurer shall provide quarterly accounts and financial statement to each Federal Councillor, proxy Councillor and State Branch

15.4 The Federal Council may require the Treasurer to provide a financial report and the accounts at any time with fourteen days notice

15.5 There shall be a bank account in the name of the party (Last Political Party)

15.6 The signatories of the bank account shall be the President, Secretary, treasurer and two other members of the Party as determind by the Federal Council from time to time as well as cheques may be signed by one other officer and one signatory

15.7 The treasurer shall keep all records of every financial transaction made on behalf of the Party and such records shall be available on demand to any Federal Councillor or State Branch, provided fourteen day prior notice has been given.





16.1 Interpretation of this constitution shall be the responsibility of the Federal Council.




17.1 The party may be wound up by (two thirds) majority vote of the Federal Council and shall be wound up one hundred an ten (110) days after a federal election win taking the position of office for the introduction of the Individual Two-Third Majority Vote Self-Government of Australia, if there remains surplus assets shall be given to the poor of Australian society and Australian owned company’s.,by Redcross Australia.






















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